Web-footed visitor graces our cabin

Web-footed visitor graces our cabin

We were greeted by an unusual animal sighting Sunday morning – a male Harlequin duck was swimming in the creek behind our house. Harlequins are common to Alaska but they’re seen mostly on lakes. This little beauty was hiding in an eddy, doing a bit of foraging.

David ran and got his camera to take some stills and video. To his delight, the little duck decided to show off his swimming skills, negotiating the rapids with the skill of a whitewater guide. The rushing current was no match for his powerful flippers.

If this male finds a mate we’re hoping they return to our creek. It would be fun to witness their Harlequin romance!

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  1. terri July 9, 2013 at 8:04 am - Reply

    What a treat! Wish I’d been there!

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