Debbie shook her head – a look of worry on her face.

“I don’t know if I can paint a scarf,” she said, “but my daughter gave me this gift certificate for Christmas. I didn’t want to disappoint her. I’m not very creative…”

“I think you’ll surprise yourself today,” I said, guiding her toward the paint supplies.

I meet people like Debbie every week. For years they’ve told themselves they’re not artists, not creative, not good at making pretty things.

And I get to prove them wrong.

My greatest joy as Artist-in-Chief for Paint A Scarf is empowering people like Debbie to make their own beautiful paintings.

All those frightened non-artists go home with beautiful scarves.

I can’t take total credit for that. Fabric, gravity and water all work with you. Still, I get to be the one who sees the big smile on my guest’s faces when they see their completed scarves.

I love what I do.

As Debbie painted the look of worry melted into a smile of pure joy. Her face was radiant when she saw her finished masterpiece. Debbie walked out of that building as a budding artist.

The key is to give yourself the tools, space and permission to try.

If you come paint with me, I’ll provide the tools and the space.

You just have to give yourself permission.