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Paint a Scarf is looking for an entrepreneur who can take our Alaska-grown art party business and expand it nationwide. We are looking for an investor, a partnership or possibly an outright sale.

Paint a Scarf is the world’s first and only paint-on-silk party business. Founded by Gina and David Murrow of Chugiak, Alaska, Paint a Scarf pioneered a new method that makes silk painting easy, even for complete beginners.

The art of silk painting began in ancient China. Artisans would spend days hunched over painting racks that laid flat. It was a pain in the neck – literally.

Gina with Patent

Our patented painting rack makes silk painting quick, easy and fun.

The Murrows invented a new way to paint silk – upright, on a rack that turns five different directions. The result is a painting experience that’s quick, easy and a lot of fun. The Paint a Scarf rack was patented in 2018, meaning no other company can deploy a similar technology.

Unlike other party-art experiences where everyone creates the same painting, Paint a Scarf offers choice. Guests watch a brief training video, choose from several designs and colors, and use a “skill card” to guide them as they paint. Paint a Scarf produced a professional training video which won the 2019 Telly Award, honored alongside productions from Microsoft, PBS and Dyson.

Paint a Scarf has everything you need to start operating in two locations, including:

  • two wrapped mobile vans (one in Alaska, one in Arizona)
  • 110 racks (60 in Alaska, 50 in Arizona)
  • our e-mail list
  • our web site and address
  • our social media platform
  • hundreds of five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google
  • all supplies including paints, storage, floor coverings, brushes, branded aprons, etc.
  • our award-winning training video
  • skill cards and training materials for each of 9 designs
  • a license to use our patented painting rack for painting events
  • the intriguing backstory of Paint a Scarf’s development in a log cabin in Alaska

Paint a Scarf is ready to be scaled up as a nationwide company. We need a partner/purchaser with expertise in marketing, site selection, personnel and inventory management.

One of our competitors, Paint Nite, scaled to a $30 million company in just 3 years. Paint a Scarf is an even fresher idea. Nobody else is doing it – yet. You would have the market all to yourself, and patent protection to keep competitors at bay.

Silk scarf painting is poised for a boom. The canvas painting craze is running out of steam and women are looking for something new to do together. Scarves are useful, packable and giftable. They paint quickly and easily. Our slogan is our promise: Beautiful Every Time.

The product is tested and ready to make money. The only limit is your vision and drive.

Want to be the President of Paint a Scarf? Let’s talk. Call us at 907-229-1702.



  1. Danielle Tomerlin August 6, 2019 at 4:48 pm - Reply

    Would you be willing to sell just Arizona?

    • Gina Murrow August 10, 2019 at 9:27 am - Reply

      Hi, Danielle, We’re looking to sell the whole company. However, stay tuned, because whoever buys it may well offer franchises and it’s possible you could buy an AZ franchise.

      Thanks for your interest,


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