About Gina Murrow

Gina is the founder and artist-in-chief at Paint a Scarf. She and her husband David invented the upright multi-position silk painting rack. The Murrows have three children and four grandkids. They live in Chugiak, Alaska

Still This Side of Heaven

We'd made it home for Christmas. Now it was time for the long road back, and I wasn't sure I was ready to start caregiving again.

Still This Side of Heaven2019-01-10T21:13:56+00:00

Please Don’t Forget Me

I’m realizing it wasn’t fame and notoriety that I craved over the years, it was having influence. And as I age, I’m realizing influence comes in many forms. I’m still afraid of being forgotten. But I’m going to begin cutting back on work in small steps.

Please Don’t Forget Me2019-01-01T10:06:51+00:00

Home for Christmas—A Long, Hard Journey

Flying my 89-year-old father home to Alaska for Christmas, wasn't a safe thing to do, but it was a good thing. We made it home for Christmas.

Home for Christmas—A Long, Hard Journey2018-12-28T09:34:22+00:00

All You Need is a Pencil to Keep Boredom Away

Is o.k. to be boring? What would it be like to answer at a party when asked by someone, “What do you do?” I’d probably say, “I’m an artist” and only talk about 1% of my day. But it’s my favorite 1%.

All You Need is a Pencil to Keep Boredom Away2018-11-23T14:52:16+00:00

No Time for Art

Why, oh why, is it so hard for us to give ourselves permission to paint?

No Time for Art2018-11-21T09:48:57+00:00

Permission granted

As Debbie painted the look of worry melted into a smile of pure joy. Her face was radiant when she saw her finished masterpiece.

Permission granted2017-03-14T10:39:38+00:00

Feathering my nest with silk

The wind is whipping leaves off the trees today, making fall live up to its name. I’m ready to button up the

Feathering my nest with silk2018-10-24T18:54:59+00:00

The tag proves YOU painted it

It's official—Paint A Scarf has tagged silk scarves now.  And what beautiful tags they are.  Tacked on with two tiny stitches, this

The tag proves YOU painted it2018-10-24T19:02:08+00:00