About Gina Murrow

Gina is the founder and artist-in-chief at Paint a Scarf. She and her husband David invented the upright multi-position silk painting rack. The Murrows have three children and four grandkids. They live in Chugiak, Alaska

A Gift From My Mom—46 Years in the Making

A swath of royal purple corduroy is finally put to use in a homemade quilt 46 years in the making. My mom would love that her great-granddaughter is enjoying the sewing she started long ago.

A Gift From My Mom—46 Years in the Making2019-05-05T10:41:59+00:00

In memory of my father

Gene Medaris (1929-2019) My father passed away yesterday, after a long journey through the shadows of dementia. He was my

In memory of my father2019-01-23T11:34:25+00:00

The illusion of control

Why had I waited so long to get extra care for Dad? Two reasons: foolish pride and a foolish vow.

The illusion of control2019-01-23T05:39:53+00:00

Still This Side of Heaven

We'd made it home for Christmas. Now it was time for the long road back, and I wasn't sure I was ready to start caregiving again.

Still This Side of Heaven2019-01-10T21:13:56+00:00

Please Don’t Forget Me

I’m realizing it wasn’t fame and notoriety that I craved over the years, it was having influence. And as I age, I’m realizing influence comes in many forms. I’m still afraid of being forgotten. But I’m going to begin cutting back on work in small steps.

Please Don’t Forget Me2019-01-01T10:06:51+00:00

Home for Christmas—A Long, Hard Journey

Flying my 89-year-old father home to Alaska for Christmas, wasn't a safe thing to do, but it was a good thing. We made it home for Christmas.

Home for Christmas—A Long, Hard Journey2018-12-28T09:34:22+00:00

All You Need is a Pencil to Keep Boredom Away

Is o.k. to be boring? What would it be like to answer at a party when asked by someone, “What do you do?” I’d probably say, “I’m an artist” and only talk about 1% of my day. But it’s my favorite 1%.

All You Need is a Pencil to Keep Boredom Away2018-11-23T14:52:16+00:00

No Time for Art

Why, oh why, is it so hard for us to give ourselves permission to paint?

No Time for Art2018-11-21T09:48:57+00:00