Painting Speaks When Words Fail Me

People often ask me the why of what I do, and I’ve finally found the words to explain—painting lets me communicate when words fail. When I need painting inspiration I simply go into the yard and spend a few minutes communing with my colorful, petaled friends. The flowers are my paint.

Painting Speaks When Words Fail Me2019-07-15T17:36:31-08:00

A Gift From My Mom—46 Years in the Making

A swath of royal purple corduroy is finally put to use in a homemade quilt 46 years in the making. My mom would love that her great-granddaughter is enjoying the sewing she started long ago.

A Gift From My Mom—46 Years in the Making2019-05-05T10:41:59-08:00

The illusion of control

Why had I waited so long to get extra care for Dad? Two reasons: foolish pride and a foolish vow.

The illusion of control2019-01-23T05:39:53-09:00

Please Don’t Forget Me

I’m realizing it wasn’t fame and notoriety that I craved over the years, it was having influence. And as I age, I’m realizing influence comes in many forms. I’m still afraid of being forgotten. But I’m going to begin cutting back on work in small steps.

Please Don’t Forget Me2019-01-01T10:06:51-09:00

All You Need is a Pencil to Keep Boredom Away

Is o.k. to be boring? What would it be like to answer at a party when asked by someone, “What do you do?” I’d probably say, “I’m an artist” and only talk about 1% of my day. But it’s my favorite 1%.

All You Need is a Pencil to Keep Boredom Away2018-11-23T14:52:16-09:00

No Time for Art

Why, oh why, is it so hard for us to give ourselves permission to paint?

No Time for Art2018-11-21T09:48:57-09:00

Feathering my nest with silk

The wind is whipping leaves off the trees today, making fall live up to its name. I’m ready to button up the

Feathering my nest with silk2018-10-24T18:54:59-08:00

Welcome to our new color room

It's a dream come true. The Husband-in-Chief built the Artist-in-Chief a Color Room. Guests now have plenty of space to choose their paints and

Welcome to our new color room2016-07-21T23:20:32-08:00