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Attract high-income women to your next gala

Every non-profit in town is chasing the same group of donors to attend their fundraising events. How do you get women excited to attend your gala?

Bring Paint a Scarf to your event. Advertise silk painting as a pre-auction activity to attract more high-income women to your gala.

Depending on the number of painters, your non-profit can earn up to 60% of the revenue generated by each scarf.

It’s a creative way to raise funds that can operate in concert with silent and outcry auctions.

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Silk painting is a big draw

Silk painting sells itself. Here’s how one organization promoted scarf painting to its attendees:

“Get to the auction early and you’ll have a chance to paint your very own silk scarf. The professionals at Paint a Scarf make silk painting, easy, fun and foolproof. For a suggested donation of $XX you can create a scarf to take home. Paint a Scarf provides everything you need. Choose from four designs. Train and paint in about 45 minutes – and then enjoy dinner and bidding while your scarf dries.”

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Church fundraisers

Here’s a new twist on the mission fundraiser: offer silk scarf painting + a meal for a suggested donation of $50 to $75.

Promote a silk painting event at your church. Get key women to commit early – and ask them to recruit 4 more painters each. Before you know it you’ll have a church full of happy painters, raising money for your mission cause.

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Our gift cards attract high bids

Include Paint a Scarf gift cards on your silent auction table and watch the bids soar.

We donate a limited number of gift cards each year to non-profits, so get your application in now. Scroll down to fill in our request form at the bottom of this page.

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