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Paint a Scarf PUB

Fast. Easy. Fun!

Paint a Scarf Pub brings silk painting to local bars and restaurants. Each night we paint at a different establishment in Anchorage and the Valley.

It takes an hour to train and paint, then an hour to dry and dine. Paint with friends – then purchase dinner and drinks at our host establishment. It’s the perfect girls’ night out.

Choose from four different designs and ten beautiful colors – including our color of the month.

Experience Paint a Scarf PUB

Watch our quick video:

How Paint a Scarf PUB works


1. Check in and & say hello

Meet your host artist. She’ll get you checked in and hand you a tablet computer so you can watch our training video.

Training video

2. Watch our training video

In just 10 minutes you’ll learn how easy it is to paint a scarf. Our artist-in-chief shows you how to create a piece of wearable art.


3. Choose a design & colors

At Paint a Scarf you choose from four easy-to-paint designs. Pick up your paints, your skill card and brushes.


4. Start painting

Once that brush touches the silk you’ll be hooked. Each stroke is easier than the last. We help you every step of the way.


5. Drying and dining

Lucky for you it takes an hour for your scarf to dry. Use that hour to order dinner and drinks with friends.


6. Pick up your scarf

Once your scarf is dry it’s ready to be modeled. Snap a few photos and post them to social media to prove you really are an artist.

Nine reasons to try Paint a Scarf PUB

Family Friendly

Bring your loved ones together

Mothers, daughters and grandmothers paint together at PUB. Minors can paint as long as they’re accompanied by a parent.

Smaller groups

Eight to ten painters per session

We keep our groups small and schedule them throughout the evening, so you get the individualized attention you deserve.

Choices, choices

Why should everybody have to paint the same picture?

This is the USA. We LOVE choice! At Paint a Scarf PUB you can choose from four easy-to-paint designs. No two scarves ever come out the same.

Train by video

There's no teacher to keep up with

Paint at your own pace. Don’t worry about falling behind. Your instructions are clipped to the side of the painting rack.

Be free!

Get up and move around

You’re not confined to a chair for 2 hours. Get up and move around. Order something from the bar.

It's quick

Train and paint in an hour

Silk scarf painting is quick and easy. Finish your scarf – then spend some quality time with friends in the restaurant.

Scarves are useful

Wear it. Give it. Hang it.

Wear them as garments. Give them as gifts. Decorate with them. Honestly – can a woman have too many scarves?

Paint early or late

Paint when you want

We schedule sessions in 60 minute intervals. Choose the time that works best for you.

Super easy designs

These scarves practically paint themselves

Honestly – you can’t mess these scarves up. Water, gravity and salt do the work for you. Just follow the instructions on your Skill Card.

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Paint and dine @

Lakefront Anchorage Hotel

Flying Machine Restaurant & Bar

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Choose from four different designs

3. Arctic Sunset